A feasibility study identifies what is physically feasible on the property. It begins with in-depth research of the rules and regulations that apply to your property or structure. Zoning restrictions, construction codes, and any site-specific requirements, such as historic or other special district designations, design assessments, environmental concerns, and so forth, are all included in a feasibility report.It provides a clear understanding of what can be built on your lot which will help you in making an informed decision.

The following are some of the elements that are covered in the feasibility study

  • Setbacks
  • Height restrictions
  • Amenities in landscape areas
  • Driveways
  • Requirements for open space

Project feasibility studies at PlumReef include

  • We provide a detailed feasibility report for the determination of the viability of the design & construction of units on the given lot.
  • Coordinate with City staff and other government / non-government agencies tocollect the required information.
  • Determine the City Zoning & guidelines for the lot.
  • Calculate allowable number of units on the lot.
  • Determine the ingress / egress requirements for the property.
  • Determine total project buildable area (FAR), Setbacks, lot coverage, max.
  • Building height & daylight plane requirements.
  • Check parking, ADA requirements for the project.
  • Provide project Parcel Map, GIS & Zoning Map.
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