MEP engineering is the art and science of designing, planning and managing the MEP systems of a building. The system is responsible for providing the creature comfort feature in the buildings making them liveable and pleasant. At PlumReef, we have a team of experts with diverse skills and expertise to create BIM models and validate these models for performance, constructability and building maintenance. Our drafting standards ensures a variety of feasible and comfortable options for our clients.

In MEP engineering, the M-E-P stands for

The mechanical design aspects of a building, particularly the heating and cooling systems, contribute to a more comfortable interior environment. These systems allow us to occupy buildings in both hot and cold temperatures and all weather conditions.

The electrical system of a building keeps the lights turned on, electronics charged, and the rest of the systems working. The design and planning of architectural lighting is an essential part of the electrical engineering process.

Freshwater is provided via plumbing systems for drinking, cleaning, and other purposes. Plumbing is also used to securely collect and take away stormwater and sanitary wastewater.

MEP services at PlumReef includes:

  • Creating detailed MEP drawings for the Building Submission per City requirements.
  • Detailed Layout plans, specific recommendations according to the requirements, ensuring zero clashes between piping configuration, ducts and electrical provisions.
  • Providing a cost-effective way of MEP layouts across the houses.
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