The process of Entitlements is the legal way of acquiring discretionary permits for the right to develop and/or construct a property for a certain use.

The proposed structure’s intended purpose, compliance to an overall municipal plan, and design/look are all focused upon throughout the entitlement process.

Entitlements are allotted when approval to develop a building for a specific use is obtained. Public hearings, city council meetings, and other local gatherings are frequently used to enlighten neighbourhoods, communities, and the general public.

Entitlement is highly crucial for your project as to move forward with the project, obtaining permissions from numerous regulatory agencies in the area and the surrounding community is mandatory.

Land use and development are regulated by planning schemes. Obtaining Building Permits is important for permitting process.

Permits are required for all new constructions such as commercial, residential structures, including renovation or addition to an existing structure, and attached deck or outside storage buildings.

Some Types of Permits include but are not limited to Subdivision, Tree Removal, Conditional Use, Lot Line Revision etc.

Entitlement and permitting process at PlumReef include:

  • To facilitate the submission of planning and building permits set to the city
  • Coordinate with city planners and other government officials for permitting.
  • Coordinate with any third-party consultants to ensure that the project runs on time.
  • Prepare progress reports, schedules, and response sheets.
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