There’s a lot more to architecture than what meets the eye. At PlumReef, we create building designs to provide a quality lifestyle for the users. We collaborate with clients, communities, authorities and end-users to design buildings that are functional on all levels.

We value client relationships and provide innovative design solutions. We place high importance on developing designs that meet your needs, city’s guidelines & code standards.Our architects aim to get to provide maximum FAR, natural light, reduce any dead space keeping in mind functionality & your requirements.and ensure that architecture is accessible to all, thus this approach is reflective in our attitude.

We have an experienced team of architects that are at the forefront of the new design trends, philosophies and principles. We are constantly evolving by updating our processes to reflect growth to exceed your expectations and meet the timelines.

Architectural services at PlumReef includes the planning and design of structures and spaces. Building design and planning include more than just the aesthetics and organisation of the buildings; We also ensure that building designs adhere to zoning, building rules, and safety regulations and deliver the right set of drawings and information and for permittingprocesses.


At PlumReef, we will be in charge of overseeing the Project’s completion throughout all the stages in the Architectural Design Process.

Architectural services at PlumReef include

Creating a conceptual design for the provided scope as allowed by the city, including site drawings, floor layouts, and elevations.

Preparing a preliminary architectural set for the Initial Review City and Client review.

Creating a complete planning submission set following the city’s requirements.

Incorporating any required adjustments as a response to the city’s suggestions/comments.

After finalising the designs and before initial submissions, we provide up to three rounds of client-initiated revisions.

A clear and coordinated description of all aspects of the design including Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical drawings

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