There’s a lot more to architecture than what meets the eye. At PlumReef, we create building designs to provide a quality lifestyle for the users. We collaborate with clients, communities, authorities and end-users to design buildings that are functional on all levels.

At PlumReef, we specialise in carrying out lot splits and can assist you in determining the application of SB-9 for your property and determine the feasibility of construction of your dream house on the lots. These lots can also be sold separately.

With 3d models, we provide a true to life vision of the proposed design which acts as a helpful tool in communicating with the clients. We provide realistic artistic renderings and ensure that the designs are simple to imagine and experience.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to combine virtual and real-world elements. In the construction industry, AR can be used to see a project in the real world. It helps to readily visualise concepts & make faster decisions.

The process of Entitlements is the legal way of acquiring discretionary permits for the right to develop and/or construct a property for a certain use and Permits are required for all new constructions.

At PlumReef, We strive to create stunning interiors that add utility and value to your home while also assisting you in defining your style. Our team of experts is ready to bring their expertise to your home, creating designs that represent your own aesthetic and functional requirements.

Functional, durable, safe and optimally designed structures are most crucial to every construction project. At PlumReef, we are experts in designing many different types and complexity of cost-effective and safe structures.

MEP system is responsible for providing the creature comfort feature in the buildings making them liveable and pleasant. At PlumReef, we create BIM models and validate these models for performance, constructability and building maintenance.

A project feasibility study is a detailed analysis that considers all of a project’s relevant factors (Codes, neighbourhood, design guidelines) and scheduling.

Project management is a service that we provide as a consequence of our understanding of our client’s requirements. At PlumReef, We have the experience to help you through the whole project life cycle, from conception to conclusion with specialisations in project planning, procurement, design, and delivery.

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